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We Take Pain Differently!

We follow a multi-disciplinary approach to treating pains of different kind. Chronic pain is the third most prevalent health problem in the United States. This is because pain has always been regarded as a symptom of a disease rather than understood as a unique disease itself.

Chronic pain is such a complicated syndrome that can be treated only through a multidisciplinary approach which includes use of effective and appropriate pain medications, injection procedures and physical therapy.

Pain Treatment and Diagnosis

Medications include narcotic as well as non-narcotic options. Injection procedures include trigger point injections, joint injections, epidurals, facet joint injections and radio-frequency lesioning.

When indicated we make appropriate referrals to physical and occupational therapy and psychological counseling. We will also make referrals to orthopedic or neuro-surgeons to ensure best possible care for our patients.

Each member in the staff at “Center for Pain Relief” is highly qualified, dedicated, caring professionals. They understand and consider it a privilege to provide medical care to patients by providing them the most suitable symptomatic relief.

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