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Fitness and Wellness Program for Pain Relief

Being fit and healthy keep your away from body, spine and joint pain. Of course, we can't overlook the interference of heredity. But, it goes without saying that having a well-built physique and robust immune system help you lead a Pain-Free life.

As part of our multidisciplinary approach, we believe Physical Wellness is integral for your health and a significant component of your overall wellness and well-being. Physical Wellness involves a variety of activities that support your physical well-being. It allows you to ensure that you remain pain-free and your muscles and joints are well conditioned to bear the stress and strain of daily life.

Physical Wellness

Exploring Physical Wellness isn’t just about trying to lose weight or conditioning your body, although these may be a part of your specific Physical Wellness plan.

For optimum Physical Wellness, everyone needs to practice good health habits that include eating a healthy diet, participating in regular exercise and physical activity, performing regular hygiene routines and getting adequate rest. Physical wellness fosters a stronger body that can run more efficiently and helps you feel better physically as you explore your health in other wellness aspects.

Emotional Wellness

The importance of Physical Wellness and the effect it has on our Emotional Wellness has been known for years, but few people realize just how important Physical Wellness is to a balanced life. Diet, exercise and rest have a profound effect on how we feel emotionally.


Exercise is also a great way for some people to connect to their Spiritual Wellness (e.g., practicing Yoga, Tai Chi, or another mind/body activity). Exploring Physical Wellness together can help people build healthier relationships for Social Wellness. Going for walks outside will increase your Environmental Wellness, too.

Center for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation is the destination for health and physical wellness in Plano. We have physical wellness solutions such as physical therapy, home exercise program counseling, nutritional counseling, weight loss programs, massage therapy and decompression to patients suffering from a wide array of pain conditions. We pride ourselves on finding the cause of the problem and not merely treating the symptoms. We are in it with you for the long haul and not just a quick fix.
Connect with us to know more and sign up for fitness and wellness programs offered at our pain center.

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