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We have a different take on pain

We follow a multi-disciplinary approach for treating different types of pain. Chronic pain is the third most prevalent health problem in the United States. Pain has always been regarded as a symptom of a disease rather than taking it as a unique disease itself.
Back Pain Relief Plano
Back Pain

Excruciating pain caused due to problems in nerve ...

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Neck Pain Treatment in Plano
Neck Pain

Radiating pain in the structure of neck like insid...

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Facet Joint Pain Plano
Facet Joint

Acute pain that occurs between two vertebrae in y...

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Fibromyalgia Pain Specialist

Musculoskeletal pain due to the chemical change at...

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Knee Pain Disorders
Chronic Knee Pain Disorder

Knee disorders or chronic knee pain is a persistin...

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Lumbar Degenerative Disc Treatment
Lumbar Disc Degeneration

Radiating back pain caused due to damaged lumbar d...

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Lumber Radiculopathy Pain Management
Lumbar Radiculopathy

Sciatica describes the symptoms of pain, numbness,...

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Degenerative Disc Pain Doctor
Degenerative Disc Disease

Pain caused due to changes, wear and tear that tak...

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Since our launch in 2005
Pain Management Procedures in Plano

"After 35 years of living with stabbing lower back pain, I'd grown tired of modern. My life changed when my friend referred me, Dr. Jain. In a matter of a few visits, I feel 90% of pain has gone. I live nearly pain-free. The Center for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation has restored my trust in the potential of modern medicine which was no simple trick. Thank you"



Dr. Nisha Jain | M.D.

Board Certified in Physical Medicine
Fellowship Trained in Pain Management
Dr. Nisha Jain Pain Doctor
Dr. Nisha Jain Pain Doctor

Dr. Nisha Jain | M.D.

Board Certified in Physical Medicine
Fellowship Trained in Pain Management

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