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This Is How We Decide Candidate For Pain Surgery

By Dr. Nisha Jain • 2019-03-07 06:43:08

Are You a Candidate for Pain Surgery?

Center for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation is a pain center in Plano. Here, I, Dr. Nisha Jain along with my qualified staff, relieve and rehabilitate you from pains of all kind including backpain, joint pain, arthritis pain, and injury pain.

When you go through a lot of pain, you just think of getting rid of it. However, getting relief from pain is not as simple as it seems like. Each case of pain is different.

Based on criticality, three types of pain management techniques are available – massage, medication (which includes drugs and/or injections), and surgery. How a pain will be treated is decided, evaluating the causes of the pain and the health condition of a patient. Not every pain can be cured with massage. Same way, not every pain condition can be or should be treated through surgery.

Although the reasons of pain or injury could be same, the approach of treatment would be different. A large number of people do not need surgery; they recover easily even from severe and chronic pain with pain medicines/injections. And some people may need to go through intense pain management and rehabilitation program.

When Is Surgery Needed?

Since backpain is one of the most common pains, I will be talking more about backpain in this blog.

Following are some of the situations that require a patient to undergo pain surgery –

  • Disc problem associated with pain in leg and buttock
  • Weak or unstable spine
  • Extreme and long-term joint pain
  • Injured bones and joints
  • Herniated disc
  • Sciatica or pain in front part of thighs
  • Spinal infection/stenosis
  • No feeling on back

When is Surgery Needed

If you are considering surgery to eliminate your pain, then it is paramount to speak to your doctor and proceed with proper assessments. The idea is to make sure that you are a suitable candidate for pain surgery.

Pain Surgeries

After the medical assessment, your doctor will decide which surgery is required for your pain treatment. Common surgeries for back pain include Discectomy, Percutaneous Discectomy, Laminectomy, Kyphoplasty, Vertebroplasty, Spinal Fusion, among others.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Surgery?

To provide the right treatment, surgery, medication or injection for pain relief, it is very important to weigh up the pain condition. A thorough clinical diagnosis is essential for this determination.

At CPRR, we use state-of-the-art technologies that help us recognize the root causes of pain and prepare an extensive treatment plan for pain relief.

Vertebral Motion Analysis

Once such pain diagnostic technology is Vertebral Motion Analysis (VMA). This ground-breaking technology helps us be sure of which area of your bone or joint is the cause of your pain. VMA has improved the accuracy of long-being-used Diagnostic Technology X-ray. Put simply, VMA machine produces video x-ray footage of joints in motion, giving physicians a better picture of a patient’s pain condition.

CT Scan

CT scan can be required to test out the condition of paining lower back, pinched nerves, spinal cord, bulging discs, neck, and others soft tissues. The technology can detect infections, injuries, and diseases that can be a reason of your pain.


Magnetic Response Imaging (MRI) is a revolutionary technology that helps physicians in preparing treatment plans for patients suffering from lower back pain. It is the most suitable option when a single imaging examination is required. With this technology, spinal tumors or lumbar disc herniation can be detected very easily.

The role of technology cannot be overlooked in Pain Treatment. It allows us, the doctors, to peep deeper into the patients’ bone structure and movement and find out the ground of their pain. It eases the experience of the patient while allowing the physician to provide the most appropriate treatment in addition to saving a great amount of time.

Before I conclude, here’s a notable tip related to pain management. Pain could be an indication of an upcoming serious health condition. So, it is advisable that you should get your pain diagnosed and treated before it develops into something incurable.

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