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We are Injury Specialists! 

We accept old, new, and complex Workers' Compensation and Motor Vehicle  

Accident/LOP/PIP cases. Dr. Nisha Jain and our staff will work directly with case managers, insurance carriers, attorneys, patients, and their families to make sure that patients get the treatment plan they require in order to improve their quality of life and/or return to work as quickly as possible. 

Dr. Jain has extensive experience with helping injured patients with an emphasis on rehabilitation, pain management, and returning the patient to their job and prior functionality. Her approach to treating injured patients is not “one size fits all”. Every patient and injury is unique. An individualized evaluation and treatment plan is created and followed for each patient. Dr. Jain works to ensure that the medical costs are minimized while the patient receives the utmost comprehensive  of care inclusive of medication management, injections, procedures, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and medical massage therapy. 

Dr. Jain’s progress notes are tailored and detailed which aid in establishing medical necessity providing a medical judgement on injuries caused due to work or vehicular accidents. 

Why Us? 

  • On-site imaging center with X-Ray, MRI and CT allows our office to be a “one-stop” provider. 
  • We believe in a strong return to work and regular life philosophy built around restoring the patient’s functional ability in their home and place of employment. Having the patient’s care under a  physician who specializes in rehabilitative medicine reduces unnecessary referrals and treatment to provide a clearer path towards maximum medical improvement. 
  • Dr. Jain coordinates her plan of care with her chiropractic care team to ensure all treatment options are utilized to help return the patient to their full functional ability in the shortest possible time. 
  • When injections are necessary Dr. Jain will utilize them selectively as long as they improve the functional status of the patient. Injections Dr. Jain uses are progressive in nature and depend on the findings in an MRI study. Typical procedures range from trigger points to medial branch blocks to facet injections to rhizotomies to transforaminal epidural shots and others. 
  • All injections are performed at our onsite procedure room and not a surgery center. This helps with cost containment and avoidance of unnecessary surgery center charges. We use board certified anesthesiologists and CRNAs to provide sedation during procedures for patient comfort and safety. 
  • We work with pharmacies who specialize in LOP cases providing patients with the most cost-effective medical therapies. 
  • Our partners in care – Chiropractors, The imaging center, Anesthesiologists, Pharmacy are?all experts in dealing with Work Injury / LOP cases and either self-accept (no third party lienholder) work with our preferred lienholders. 
  • Dedicated in ouse account managers ensure your patients are provided with immediate appointments. 
  • In-house billing team bills globally for imaging and radiology reads. They also ensure that you get competitive and flexible reductions.
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