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Conditions we treat / ARTHRITIS (HIP/KNEE/SHOULDER)

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Arthritis is the most common joint disorder that shows sign of inflammation and pain. Over 50 million adults who have Arthritis, counts women majorly. It had occurred in 100 different forms depending upon the wear and tear of cartilage with typical symptoms of inflammation, stiffness, pain and decreased the range of motion. It leads to the acute pain episodes in the bones connected to a point called joints.


  • Injuries
  • Metabolic Abnormalities
  • Hereditary
  • Infections
  • Excessive weight
  • Occupational stress on bones


  • Loss of motion and Pain in joints
  • Inflammation with tenderness in joints
  • Flaring or constant pain
  • Affecting various organs
  • Fever and gland swelling
  • Weight loss with fatigue

There are many ways to treat arthritis pain like exercises, physical therapy or nonsurgical methods which helps to relieve pressure and calm inflammation. Learn more about pain relief center in Plano, equipped with best-in-class diagnosis and treatments. Get personalized pain relief and management programs to get back to your healthy life. Got a question, Ask your questions here!

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