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Conditions we treat / BACK PAIN

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Back pain is the most excruciating pain that can affect people. Around 80% of Americans suffer from back pain at least once in two years. It is caused by problems in the nerve, muscles, degenerative disc diseases or arthritis.

Various forms of back pain are:

  • Lower back pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Middle back pain


  • Injuries in sports activities
  • Small sudden movements such as: falling on the rear, twists or turns
  • Car accidents or work-related injuries
  • Lifting something too heavy or improperly
  • Strained muscles or ligaments
  • Muscle spasm


  • Noticeable swelling on the back
  • Excruciating back pain with no relief on resting or lying down
  • Radiating pain down the legs
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • loss of control over bowel movements
  • A feeling of numbness around the buttocks and other body parts

We are a team of experts committed to treating chronic pain conditions with best in class diagnosis, treatments, and care for back pain. Find personalized pain relief and management programs at our pain management center in Plano. Book an appointment now.

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