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What is Chronic Pain Management?

Chronic Pain Management in Plano includes a series of medication and therapies. Medicines include Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and medications to soothe the irritated nerves like Gabapentin, Elavil. Tropical therapies are done with ointment, crème or patch. We also treat chronic pain through non-pharmaceutical treatments.

Various non-pharmaceutical treatments are the following:

  • Physical therapy: it includes heat therapy, different exercises and massage delivered at home or facility by trained professionals.
  • Acupuncture: it includes placing needles in the affected part of the body to reduce pain and release endorphins by a professional acupuncturist.
  • Transcutaneous Electro-Nerve Stimulator (TENS): It includes stimulation around the affected area to relive from a variety of pain symptoms.
  • Bracing (of Low back, Neck or Knees) is a way to reduce pain through stabilization.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (i.e., Ibuprofen, Celebrex, Alleve, Meloxicam)
  • Opioids (pain medications)
  • Topical therapies for pain via ointment, cream or patch
  • Medicines to “Calm Down” Irritated Nerves (i.e., Gabapentin/Neurontin, Lyrica, Elavil, etc.)
  • Muscle Relaxers
  • Anti-depressants (i.e., Cymbalta, Elavil, etc.)

How it benefits?

  • Rehabilitative stretching and exercises to relieve pain. 
  • Ease pain in the affected area
  • A patient can easily resume to day to day activities
  • Easy to maintain and manage
  • Works on the source of pain
  • Reduces swelling

Center for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation has the best pain doctors in Plano, Texas delivering quality pain management services with accuracy and precision. To get instant relief, Book your Appointment Now!   

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