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Procedures we use / FACET JOINT INJECTION

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What is a Facet Joint Injection Treatment?

Facet Joint Injection treatment is used to provide relief from pain that radiates through back, hips, buttocks, legs. This treatment is often done to relieve pain occurring in the facet joint. Healthy joints support the spine, but these joints may become inflamed and painful due to a variety of health conditions such as osteoarthritis, degenerated disc, spinal stenosis or from trauma such as car accident. Facet joint injection can cure headaches and migraines. 

A facet joint injection procedure begins with local anesthesia to numb the area. The physician might use x-ray guidance called fluoroscopy to direct the small needle into the facet joint, for complete assurance contrast dye is injected to confirm the needle's position in the facet joint. The injection containing inflammatory medication is inserted inside the joint, following this mixture. 

After many spine injections, facet joint injections work better for some patient than others. We often combine it with physical therapy to rehabilitate the back and for better results. 

How it benefits?

  • Provides immediate relief in pain
  • Reduces back pain as well
  • Avoids surgery
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