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What is Nerve Block?

Nerve Block procedure is used by pain specialist and neurologist to diagnose the source of pain and related symptoms. This treatment is highly recommended for a number of health problems caused due to chronic pain. This treatment provides long-term relief to avoid surgeries.

What are the types of Nerve blocks for pain relief?

The four types of Nerve blocks are:

  • Diagnostic- This type of nerve block is used to identify the source of pain. A numbing medication is injected and if relieved then the source of pain is identified.
  • Therapeutic- This type of nerve block is used for nerves which are swollen or injured. A long-lasting anesthetics or steroids are injected to provide long-term relief.
  • Prognostic –This type of nerve block is used to forecast the outcome of surgery and other treatments.
  • Preemptive –This type of nerve block is used to prevent pain that your body develops after another procedure.

How it benefits?

  • Better functioning and movement
  • Improves activity and mobility
  • Reduces dependency on Opioids
  • Reduces intake of painkillers
  • Improves the quality of life with better sleep
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