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What is Stellate Ganglion Block?

 Stellate Ganglion Block is a procedure is used to treat a variety of chronic pain syndrome occurring in the head, neck and upper part of the body. This work by injecting a small amount of anesthetic onto stellate ganglion – a collection of nerve involved in sending signals to the brain. These nerves also increase blood circulation in the body. 

How it is performed?

The procedure starts with inserting thin needles into your neck, near voice box and injecting a local anesthetic by using x-ray or ultrasound guidance to direct the needles to the right place. it usually takes less than 30 minutes and you can go home the same day after the treatment. If the patient finds instant pain relief from the treatment then follow-up treatments are required for a lasting pain relief from CPS. 

How it benefits?

  • An accurate and precise way of alleviating pain
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Treats a variety of pain
  • Requires less than two minutes
  • Uses as a diagnostic tool

Center for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation has the best pain doctor to deliver stellate ganglion block with finesse and precision. 

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