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What is Sympathetic Nerve Block ?

Sympathetic Nerve Block is considered to be an effective method to control chronic pain. It is similar to other nerve block procedures where x-rays are used to find the nerves and anesthetic injection is inserted onto the nerves causing pain. It is a safe and quick procedure for a patient looking for lasting pain relief. The location of pain decides the sympathetic nerve block as if the patient has pain in the upper part of the body then they may get pain relief from blocking the stellate ganglion in the neck area. If they have pain in the lower part of your body, a ganglion near the lower spine is targeted with a lumbar sympathetic block

It can be combined with physical therapy, talk therapy, and pain medicine to help the patient overcome the pain. 

This procedure is used to treat pain caused due to nerves that have been damaged due to some injury or illness.

How it benefits?

  • Decreases the intensity of pain
  • Provides long-term pain relief
  • Accurate and precision treatment
  • Treats a list of chronic pain
  • Increases functionality and mobility

Center for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation has the best pain doctors to deliver Sympathetic Nerve Block with precision and accuracy. 

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