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Dr. Jain and her staff are top rated. Great bedside manners and professional. I was referred to Dr. Jain and came in with a 5-7 pain level. With the various treatments of injections and radio frequency in conjunction with massage therapy, I am now at a level 3. I would recommend her to my friends and family suffering from severe pain. Thank you, Dr. Jain.

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I am her patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 28. She has helped me so much by giving me pain shots and medication. Now I am 70% better than before I went to her. She is an excellent doctor, kind, compassionate woman who puts her patients first and does everything she possibly can to help them! I thank you Dr. Jain for giving me back my life, and I thank God for bringing you into my life!

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After 35 years of living with stabbing lower back pain, I'd grown tired of modern. My life changed when my friend referred me, Dr. Jain. In a matter of a few visits, I feel 90% of pain has gone. I live nearly pain-free. The Center for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation has restored my trust in the potential of modern medicine which was no simple trick. Thank you

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If it weren't for Dr. Jain and all that she and her staff have done for me I wouldn't have been able to walk all of Disney World without a cane or any other assistance. I can now play with my daughter and take care of her the way I have always wanted to. She is an excellent doctor with a kind heart. Now i live an improved life all because of her. Thank You and God Bless You!

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I have suffered over ten years with chronic back pain. My pain has improved 100% with the help I received from Dr. Jain and her excellent staff. She is an excellent doctor with a compassionate heart who understood my intensity of pain and provided me with medication, therapy. Now I live pain-free, and I am so thankful to Dr. Jain and her caring staff.

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I want to thank Dr. Jain and her staff for all they have done to help me with my chronic back pain. After suffering for years. Jain has come to my rescue! The genuine care I continue to receive from her and her staff has allowed me the ability to do more in my life than I have done in so long. It means so much to have a doctor who cares. Thanks again for helping me get my life back.

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Dr. Jain and her staff are great. I was referred to Dr. Jain and came with 7-8 pain levels expecting little relief, but I have great relief now. The staff is friendly and caring at the center, and I am grateful to her for understanding my pain. The medications, therapies provided here are excellent and yielded an effective pain relief. Thank you for being there for me in my pain relief journey.

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I discovered Dr. Jain about one year ago. Since my treatments have begun, I use my cane very rarely, have less pain and can take better care of my family. Dr. Jain is a compassionate, caring and an excellent doctor who has a thorough knowledge of pain and how to provide relief to patients who visit this center with chronic pain.

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